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Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

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IJAUP is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.

  1. The Reviewers of the journal should assist the Editors in taking the decision for publishing the submitted manuscripts.
  2. The Reviewers should maintain the confidentiality of manuscripts, which they are invited to review.
  3. The Reviewers should provide comments in time that will help editors to make decision on the submitted manuscript to be published or not.
  4. The Reviewers are bound to treat the manuscript received for peer reviewing as confidential, and must not use the information obtained through peer review for personal advantage. 
  5. The Reviewers comments against each invited manuscript should be technical, professional and objective.
  6. The Reviewers should not review the manuscripts in which they have found conflicts of interest with any of the authors, companies, or institutions.
  7. The Reviewers should disclose and try to avoid any conflict of interest.

Publons is a commercial website that provides a free service for academics to track, verify, and showcase their Peer-review and editorial contributions for academic journals. Publons produces a verified record of a person's review and editorial activity for journals, which can be downloaded to include in CVs, funding and job applications, and promotion and performance evaluations.

Your publications, citation metrics, peer reviews and journal editing work can be centralized in thePublons system and promote your science and academia internationally.

Publons is a service that allows researchers to track and recognize reviews made internationally. Thus, after registering the reviews in the Publons system, the number of reviews is stored and displayed separately in the Publons system by the names of the journal.

After review of an article, the reviewer in a scientific journal must perform the following steps in order to register her/ his reviews in the Publons system:

1- Registration in Publons:

 2. After registration and entering the information on the personal page, you will become a member of Publons and you will be notified via Email.

3. After review of each article, enter your review in Publons.

4. To add your own review to Publons, some journals ask you if you would like your review to be automatically added to Publons. Therefore, by clicking on the yes option below, the review will be automatically transferred and added to the Publons system.

 5. Most journals do not have such mentioned option. In this case, to add your review at Publons, simply forward your reviewed email which is received from the intended journal to

6. After receiving the Publons response, this review will be added to the number of your verified reviews in the Publons system. Thus, the number of verified reviews and the name of the journals are displayed as follows:

 7. With Publons profile one can endorse various journals. For this purpose, after logging into your personal page in the Publons system, you may endorse them.

 8. For this purpose, by clicking on the ENDORSE THIS JOURNAL button, your name and photo will appear on the Publons page of the mentioned journal.

9. It should be noted that rather than reviewers job in Publons, various activities are done at Publons that belong to publishers, editors, academics and researchers.

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