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Psychrometric chart as a basis for outdoor thermal analysis (7954 Downloads)
Compact city dose it create an obligatory context for urban sustainability? (4225 Downloads)
Recognition of light-openings in Iranian mosques’ domes With reference to climatic properties (4194 Downloads)
Natural environment of Zayande-Rood and the Safavid development of Isfahan (3802 Downloads)
Identification of factors that assure quality of residential environments, using environmental assessment indices: a comparative study of Two of Tehran’s neighborhoods (Zafaranieh &Khaniabad) (3787 Downloads)
Housing visual quality in urban pattern Application of isovist method in old fabric of Bushehr city (3722 Downloads)
Sepah (Shohada), a historical avenue, as a joint axis in city of Qazvin’s Integration theory (3635 Downloads)
Lighting programme and iranian schools lighting requirements (3557 Downloads)
An assessment of pedestrian networks in accessible neighborhoods: traditional neighborhoods in Iran (3485 Downloads)
Privacy of house in islamic culture: A comparative study of pattern of privacy in houses in Kerman (3483 Downloads)
Prioritization of historic buildings based on their values (3359 Downloads)
Promoting city center parking qualities using urban design guidelines (3283 Downloads)
The impact of religious and behavioral patterns on the order of vernacular settlements:A comparative case study (3090 Downloads)
The Identity of the Early Qajarid Architectural Decoration and its Sources - From the Beginning to the End of Fath Ali Shah Period (1785-1834) (3006 Downloads)
Architectural Design Optimization of School Buildings for Reduction of Energy Demand in Hot & Dry Climates of Iran (2928 Downloads)
An investigation on the social and traffic effects of metro stations on neighborhoods (2914 Downloads)
Sociopetaloid of Architecture Space Result of synthesis and synomorphy of humane-physical factors (2856 Downloads)
Unison of the phenomenological theory of genius loci and islamic philosophy-Dispositional influence of climate and its consequences on the design of environment (2848 Downloads)
Confrontation of Iranian Contemporary Architecture with Electronic era (2787 Downloads)
Urban underground development an overview of historical underground cities in Iran (2703 Downloads)
Evaluation of Social Sustainability in Urban Neighbourhoods of Karaj City (2673 Downloads)
Innovations in the Charbagh Axis of the Safavid Period (2586 Downloads)
A Method for Microclimate Observation and Thermal Analysis -Tropical Condition of Kuala Lumpur (2584 Downloads)
Properties of natural organisms and its use in technological architecture (2578 Downloads)
Responsive Urban Space Special Need Group (Women), Case study: Chizar Neighborhood Space, Tehran, Iran (2526 Downloads)
Double skin glass façade and its effect on saving energy (2522 Downloads)
Evaluation of the effect of building orientation on achieved solar radiation - a NE-SW orientated case of urban residence in sem-iarid climate (2515 Downloads)
Metaphor: a Creative aid in Architectural Design Process (2477 Downloads)
Context-oriented Lighting Strategy in Urban Spaces (Using Space Syntax Method) Case study: Historical Fabric of Isfahan (2476 Downloads)
An investigation of the relationship between sense of place and place attachment among dormitory students (2471 Downloads)
Factors in Choosing Landscape Architecture as a Major in Iran: student's viewpoints (2449 Downloads)
Rebirth of a city lessons learned from post disaster reconstruction the case study: Rofayye' (2419 Downloads)
The role of housing in small cities in the approach of regional development (2410 Downloads)
Principles of sustainable architecture extant in heart of desert areas of Iran (2405 Downloads)
Improving results of urban design research by enhancing advanced semiexperiments in virtual environments (2403 Downloads)
The impact of digital architecture on cityscape (2378 Downloads)
A historical experience of local seismic proof shelters in Quchan-northeast of Iran (2363 Downloads)
Analysis of Persian Gardens using Kaplan’s landscape preference theory (Case study: Fin garden, Shazdeh Mahan garden, Eram Garden & El Goli garden) (2326 Downloads)
An introduction to the way of regarding the earth (site) in traditional architecture (2303 Downloads)
Natural elements spatial configuration and content usage in urban park (2275 Downloads)
Making balance between optimum daylight and thermal comfort in hot-humid climates Case study: Rashidy historic mansion in Bushehr city, Iran (2270 Downloads)
Application of Environmental Justice Concept in Urban Planning, the Peri-Urban Environment of Tehran as the Case Study (2211 Downloads)
15th Century Contribution to the Study of Vaulted Structure in Iran (2194 Downloads)
Climatic exterior walls in residential buildings of Yazd (2108 Downloads)
Evaluating the physical and psychological indicators effective on promotion of the pedestrian-based capacity of major urban spaces of Farahzad village of Tehran (2102 Downloads)
New proposal for a retractable roof over a courtyard in Tabriz Islamic Art University (2059 Downloads)
Comparison of heat loss and air infiltration through the openings of Qajar and Pahlavi era houses in Tabriz (2055 Downloads)
An inquiry in historical evolution and retrieval of the process of formation and transformation of Shah Wali complex, Taft, Iran (2053 Downloads)
Acquiring the essence of truth in educational impacts of place formation (2001 Downloads)
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