Volume 28, Issue 1 (2018)  

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• The urban village approach can be used for combining both rural and urban values in future urban developments for improving the localism.
• Combining and integrating the urban village approach with democratic norms of urban design can help to develop the social and democratic features of the urban villages, besides the environmental issues.
• The combinatorial principles, such as diversity, public life, public participation, social justice and equity, naturism, accessibility, contextualism, vitality, flexibility, inclusiveness, and also their sub-principles are tested in a hypothetical wasteland, to prove the practical aspects.

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  • A survey on 100 citizens of Isfahan was conducted. 
  • Many of historic and touristic buildings were the most distinctive elements in Isfahani citizens' point of view
  • Physical and functional criteria affect the distinctiveness of these elements in the mental maps of the citizens and users.
  • In order to create a landmark in cities, consideration of all factors such as situation, distinctive form and function as much as possible (more than one factor) will result in greater success legible cities.

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  • Define Historicist postmodern architecture and Deconstruction in two diachronic and synchronic axis.
  • Achieve the Intertextual relationship of Historicist postmodern architecture and Deconstruction.
  • Intertextual Reading will lead to the recognition of deeper text layers and decryption.

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- This research has been carried out to clarify the state of urban creativity in Qazvin city.
- The trend of creativity in the city of Qazvin has declined. Although the activities to be continued.
- The nutrition index, the most important area of creativity in Qazvin, has been among the five fields studied.
- Finally, it can be said that the city of Qazvin, according to the analysis, has the potential to move towards the creative city.

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  • Defined urban design guideline improves the quality of public life in a historic urban area.
  • The research defines criteria for evaluation an urban planning project regarding its impacts on public life. 
  • The defined guideline gives the opportunity to use the local participation as a tool in improving the future urban plans. 

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